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Engineering Sel, C.A.

It is an electronic service and instrumentation company dedicated to the import, sale and repair of electronic equipment for industrial use, and sale of components and electronic spare parts.

Components and Parts Sale.

Integrated Circuits - Power Diodes - SCR - Triacs - MosFet - Power Transistors - Power Modules - Multiturn Potentiometers, Precision and Conventional - SMD Components - Cables and Connectors - PIC Microprocessors - Memories - Protoboard - Resistors - Relays - Capacitors - Coils - LED - Zener diodes - Rectifier bridges - Voltage Regulators - Opto-couplers - Crystal Oscillators - Rheostats - Transformers, Batteries and much more.
Import, sale and repair
Variable frequency drives, PLC, electronic boards of any type, whether of DIL or Superficial SMD mounting, PLC Module, Power supplies, Variable speed drives for DC motors, Temperature controls, Multimeters and electronic equipment in general.

Equipment sales.

Multimeters - Power sources - Frequency inverters - DC speed controls - Temperature controls - Pressure gauges - Thermometers - Energy savers - Special cables - PLC - PLC modules and much more. Of the best brands: